Monday, May 11, 2015


(Splintered #3)
Completed Date: 2/28/2015
Rating out of 5: 4
Before you read too far, you should know that I don't do Synopsis type reviews - if you want a synopsis then you can go read the synopsis.
What I want to do here is give my opinion of the book. **Spoilers may happen, but aren't likely**
I waited and waited and waited for this one to be released! And it was well worth the wait.
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I adore these books! If you like YA or Fantasy or/and especially Wonderland, you have to read these.
Alyssa finally embraces who she is - after much teenage angst and turmoil - and finds a way to save both of the realms (and the boys) that she loves. I wish I could cuddle up with Rabid White and read these! I've said it before in my other reviews, but this story is so colorful! When you're reading it, you're in the landscape dodging graffiti guards and joining the party!
If you've read them, who did you choose? Jeb or Morpheus? I know I'm too old be gushing over either, but isn't that part of the fun of a YA novel! I'm team Morpheus, but the friend who I read these books with chose Jeb.
Jeb is naturally charming and thoughtful, he's a normal human boy with normal human boy emotions and makes normal human boy mistakes. That, and his talent for art, and that he loves Alyssa's mundane side is what makes him endearing. Morpheus is a victim of circumstance, for lack of a better term. He does what he can with what he has and loves every inch of where he's from and isn't about to apologize for it. I find Morpheus' struggle interesting in that he has to both embrace his madness and the madness or wonderland and yet overcome it to win the heart of the girl.

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