Monday, May 11, 2015

The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal
A.C.H. Smith, Jim Henson, Brian Froud
Read 1/7/15
Rating out of 5: 5
Before you read too far, you should know that I don't do Synopsis type reviews - if you want a synopsis then you can go read the synopsis. What I do here is give my opinion of the book. **Spoilers may happen - you've been warned.**
I grew up watching The Dark Crystal and The Labyrinth by Jim Henson. These movies and characters were my friends and I knew every line by heart. I hadn't read the novelizations until I received them as gifts for Christmas 2014. I devoured them!
The Dark Crystal, the novelization, shed so much light for me on the origin of the Mystics and the Skeksis and really filled in the gaps. As with most movies, there's important background information that gets skimmed over or left out entirely for sake of time, but once I read the novel and went back to the movie I loved it even more! It's almost like being part of a secret club. I have "insider" information that the average fan may not have and I am very satisfied in this knowledge.
The book is different enough from the movie to keep it interesting and fresh, but also similar enough that it's still a good friend. Just one you haven't seen in a while.
I am glad that I have the paper copies of these. My favorite part about this book is the notes from Jim Henson and the original drawings by Brian Froud. There's something about them that needs to tangible to love and explore them the way that they deserve, and that just isn't going to happen on an e-reader.
If you're a fan of the movies or if you're looking for something quirky and absolutely unique, pick up The Dark Crystal!

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